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Our Martial Arts Academies have been teaching people to succeed since in central Texas since 1985, Building Black Belt Leaders one family at a time. 

STUDENT CREED                  To build true confidence through Knowledge in the mind ~ honesty in the heart and strength in the body. To keep friendship with one another and to build a strong and happy community. Never fight to achieve selfish ends, but to develop Might for Right! .

~~Thank you for your interest in Legacy Martial Arts Leadership Academy our  Martial Arts Core System began in 1962 by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee the "Father of American Tae Kwon Do", and combining the system with Shotokan, Shorin-Ryu, Kickboxing and Sport Karate at its best to create a well rounded and respected martial arts systems. We have more than 30 years of experience in the San Antonio area providing~Martial Arts instruction for students of all ages while having an emphasis on families training together. We strongly believe in the value of ~Martial Arts instruction for all age levels, especially for the young. Our program emphasizes the disciplines of attention and respect; concentration and timing; strength flexibility; goal setting, achievement, sportsmanship, confidence, character, and of course, FAMILY FUN!

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